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Today’s Vlog is going to be about where do I use my jingle, if I don’t do TV radio and cable and the answer is everywhere if you are on Facebook whether you’re doing regular posts whether you’re doing paid ads if you’re on Instagram doing the same Tick-Tock videos if you have welcome videos on your website if you have a YouTube channel anywhere there’s a video where your message can be seen and heard having your jingle as an intro and intro to that video will make it more memorable because not everybody that sees your ad or seizure posts or even goes to your website is ready today so what you want to do is continually repetitively get that slogan and Melody in their head because then when they are ready to pull the trigger and do business with someone that it does what you do they’ll think of you first so to repeat Facebook Instagram Tick-Tock your own website YouTube channel anyplace there’s video and of course if I’m an audio standpoint the tried-and-true you’re on hold if your system allows you to have a message on hold so people know that they’re still connected to you and don’t hear dead silence or worse yet have a radio station that might have your competitor play your jingle behind your messaging on your on hold system that’s a great place another fun place is actually to make it the ringtone of your phone I have clients where they have sales teams out in the field and I always tell them just for fun at 12 the everyday know that the phone’s going to ring don’t answer it I want people sitting around your tables to hear our jingle it’s a fun way to get your message out there it’s kind of a gorilla audio Warfare if you will also some of the cell service companies have they call it the ring back music while you’re actually being found another great place to put your music bottom line anywhere someone can hear or see a video with your message sing it to them because it’s much more memorable and it will create what I like to call a impression that’s a lasting impression thanks for watching