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100% Original Audio And Lyrics

Sound Branding Ideas knows jingles and has the talent to create original audio. More importantly, we understand branding and fitting the right sound with your company or product to grab and retain customer awareness.

Grow Your Business With A Jingle

In the age of voice apps and text-to-speech on the rise, sound is just as prominent. Let us bring life to your brand with a customized sound, slogan, or jingle.

Musical Industry Leaders

Our team of singers and musical composers have decades of combined experience in the industry. Trust in us to create your new sound branding idea.


Since 1985

Founder, Cary Reich has been developing jingles, slogans, voiceovers, audio commercials, phone tree and hold music, and more!

Mainstream Media Outlets

Our past experience speaks for itself. Major TV networks and radio stations trust us to create the right sounds for the right audiences.

Navigating Dynamic Business Landscapes

Businesses large and small and industries alike are quick to pivot. We can assist in helping to solidify or rebrand a company’s image through customized audio in whatever form you desire.


Jingle Creating

Share the details and feel you’re looking to convey and we will produce the right jingle for your company or product and breathe new life into your brand.

Slogan Writing

With over 35 years in the industry, we understand slogan writing isn’t for everyone. We excel in creating the right slogan for any business or product from the ground up.

Custom Voiceovers

Sound Branding Ideas has an entire team of male and female talent for your next voiceover project.


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The results speak for themselves! Our happy customers have provided their personal testimonials for their businesses. We’re eager to continue bringing sound ideas to life!

Sound Is Memory

Make your business memorable with the right jingle—statistically proven to ensure your advertising is effective

We Understand Brand

Working with personal brands, small businesses, and large organizations has allowed us to successfully undertake projects of all sizes.

Our Team Rocks

From composers to vocal talent, our diverse musical artists will deliver on your requirements with fresh energetic talent from across the globe.


Our team is happy to assist.



I’m grateful to have found Sound Branding. Working with their team was a smooth and easy process to create my jingle from scratch.
Kyle M.

Cary! We greatly appreciate your work in helping us upgrade our podcast. Listeners say our intro and outro sound way better.
Shannon L.

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