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How can you hear your jingle?



The Most powerful way to insure your advertising is heard and remembered. Jingles make radio and TV advertising more effective. Period.
That is why corporations with huge advertising budgets and the ability to assess their effectiveness continue to spend their money on custom jingles.

Research has shown that these 15-30 second pieces of music are so good at infiltrating the mind that one researcher dubbed them "ear worms". (Jack Kellaris, Univ. of Cincinnati)

A custom jingle created to communicate an advertiser's position statement is 54% more effective than a reworded popular song and 78% more effective than the message alone or with canned background music.


Do you have a unique selling proposition? Is it captured in a concise memorable slogan?
Let us brainstorm with you to create a slogan that sets you apart from your competition.

The placement of music was shown to invite attention to the message and motivate consumers to process the message and facilitate the potential to purchase. (Brooker & Wheatley, 1994)

The potential benefit of well-paired music and message to the advertiser is in increasing memory for the ad while reducing its length, i.e. 60-second versus 30-second commercial. (David Allan, Ph.D, St. Joseph's University, 2007)

Singers/Voice Over

Fresh energetic voice talent from all over the world for radio and television commercials, on-hold messages and web audio and video.

One of the ways to make a Sound Branding Idea sound unique is to offer a wide array of vocal talent. That is why we don't limit ourselves to one studio or one group of singers. With partnerships from Orlando to Nashville to Las Vegas to Los Angeles we can insure that your campaign is as unique sounding as the idea itself. From Pop to Country, R&B to Smooth Jazz we can give you the "sound" you want to best appeal to your target audience. 

Cary Reich, founder of Sound Branding Ideas, will meet with you for a one-on-one, no obligation discussion of your position in the marketplace and to demonstrate the creation of a new musical signature for your use in all of your advertising. 

Sound Branding Ideas will bring the power of custom jingles- that have been so effective for the corporate giants- to your business.